Christian prayers for children


Do you want to start praying with your child or grandchild, but you’re afraid they won’t understand? Don’t worry, God’s Word is suitable for all ages and thanks to this article, you will learn new prayers suitable for all ages to teach this beautiful habit. You will love them!

Short sentences for kids

The Christian religion is amazing because it can be understood by people of all ages, being an example to follow and a rewarding lifestyle for everyone.

Praying is a very useful action to get closer to God on a daily basis and can be of great help for adults as well as for the youngest members of the household. Although it may seem simple, for the youngest members of the household it can be quite a challenge, as some sentences use complicated vocabulary and can be difficult to understand.

Today in Tu Biblia Online, we bring you a list of Christian prayers for children of different ages. This way you will get the little ones to love praying and make it a good habit for their future. The prayers we leave you here today are written in simple and pleasant language and the messages they carry are relevant to our children and grandchildren. In addition, they are all easy to memorize and it can be fun and educational to try to learn them by heart. They can be perfect to recite before putting them to sleep (with this selection of good night messages for example) or when getting up, or simply to thank God for the opportunity to live each day.

Before starting with the Christian prayers for children, we leave you with a video so that the little ones can understand the meaning of praying:

A Prayer for Children | Every Parent must Pray for their Children

Christian prayers for the little ones

Although it is difficult to establish an ideal age limit to start praying because every child develops differently, at Tu Biblia Online we believe it is important to introduce children to God and the Christian religion at an early age. For this reason, we bring you these ideal prayers to combine with the more traditional ones such as the Hail Mary and the Our Father so that they can also learn them and little by little understand their important meaning.

You will see that after each prayer we will put a beautiful image with the text of the prayer in large print. We suggest you to print them or use them on your mobile device to make everything much more didactic. You’ll see how they like the images!

After this introduction, let’s take a look at these Christian prayers for young children! They are classified by age groups according to whether they are more or less complicated, so choose the ones you think are most convenient.

Prayer Jesus Christ of my life

The Lord's Prayer for Children - Book

We begin with this beautiful prayer dedicated to the baby Jesus, which you probably already know:

Jesus of my life,

you are a child like me,

that’s why I love you so much

and I give you my heart,

Take it, take it,

yours is not mine.


As promised, here is the image corresponding to this prayer. Look how beautiful she is!

Good morning prayer for children

The following prayer is ideal to pray at the beginning of the day. It is short and perfect for them to learn:

My God, I offer you all this day.

I offer you my work and my toys.

Take care of me so that I don’t do anything that doesn’t please you.


And here’s an illuminating image to start the day with joy! It is even perfect to put as a poster in the bedroom.

Blessing the table is one of the acts that children of all ages can do, since no great prayer is necessary to do it. This will make the children aware of the importance of thanking God every day for the food we have on the table:

Prayer for blessing food for children

My God, I thank you for this food that your goodness gives us.

Give him also what he needs for everyone.

Bless those who work to feed us.


Next to it we leave you this appetizing image that will help you to better remember this precious prayer. Enjoy!

To close this section dedicated to the little ones of the house, we propose this ideal prayer to pray when leaving school. After a day’s work, it’s time to rest and enjoy!

Prayer for school children

Jesus, I thank you for this school day.

It went well. I studied, worked and played a lot.

Now come with me to my house.


This is the image corresponding to this prayer. Tell him he can show it to his classmates in case they want to pray it together!

Kids prayers for elementary school children

Elementary school is the best time for children to approach and get to know God. At this stage many of them begin catechesis and make their first communion. It is important to remind them that this is a big moment in their lives and that this act should not only be done for the gifts and partying with friends.

At this age, more complicated and well-known prayers such as the Our Father, the Gloria and the Hail Mary can be taught in catechesis. Apart from these, it is also good for them to learn to pray with other prayers and to gradually inculcate in them the habit of praying.

We begin this section with a beautiful prayer about forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the pillars of the Christian faith and is often difficult for children to understand. With sentences like this one you can learn little by little what it means and give it the importance it deserves.

We thank you, dear God

because when we come to tell you “forgive”,

you are always ready to forgive.

Help us to be like you.

That when someone asks us for forgiveness,

forgive him at once and

let’s be willing to be friends again.


Here is the image of this prayer about forgiveness. Although everything in this article is intended for children, it is important to apply what we teach and to know how to forgive ourselves as well. So, feel free to share these images with other families who will surely enjoy them too!

Prayer for the family for children

The following prayer is about family and family love. Valuing and praying for loved ones is very important and the little ones will be able to clearly understand each of the words of this beautiful prayer:

Lord, I pray for my family.

Help us to love one another always,

to help each other,

to share our things,

to forgive and to have a good heart.


And here is this beautiful family image that perfectly accompanies this beautiful prayer.

Guardian Angel Prayer for Children

GUARDIAN ANGEL PRAYER | Angel of God by My Side! | Let's Pray with Tomkin

Fear of going to bed is very common among children, and the best solution is usually the company before going to bed. A good, comforting and strengthening prayer, accompanied by the love and grace of the Lord, may help you overcome those fears that torment you every night:

Night is coming, the sun is gone.

Jesus and Guardian Angel,

stay with me in this hour

deliver me from all fear of the night

protect me from evil and nightmares.

Take away, Jesus, the fear of vampires and ghosts,

monsters and beings that darken my thoughts.


Next to it we leave you this soothing image that will help our little ones to find sleep.

Prayer for school children

As before, in this section for elementary school children, we also leave a prayer related to school. This time, it is a bit longer and has a deeper meaning. Children should become aware at an early age of how lucky they are, unlike many others who have a hard time on a daily basis.

Jesus, I go to school, just like you used to go to school.

May nothing happen to me along the way.

I want to make good use of the classes.

I want to learn a lot.

Don’t forget the children who don’t have school,

and bless the teachers.


Here is the last image of this section, ideal for sharing with classmates. Next, we will continue with prayers for teens and pre-teens.

Christian prayers for teenagers

Adolescence is often a time of change when our young people begin to make their own decisions. Sometimes these decisions lead them away from the way of the Lord and can bring undesired consequences, but sometimes necessary to find God’s way again.

We family members have the duty to educate these young people so that they grow up to be good people and keep them as close to God as possible. With the prayers that you will find below, they will be able to pray about topics that are very important to them and they will be able to feel that with God they can be much happier.

The first sentence deals with youth in general, being a deep and intense reflection that will leave no one indifferent.

Lord, I am here before you to ask for your forgiveness.

if I have offended or offended you at any time,

if I have forgotten your love for me, forgive me;

Jesus, thank you because you are always with me

to listen to my every plea and word;

I pray that the young people of today

we can follow your path,

so that tomorrow when we are adults

let’s be the best people we can be,

Thank you Lord for listening to me today,

help me to love you even more,

to value you more and love you more


We share with you a powerful image that transmits, together with the text, a powerful meaning that motivates young people:

Finally, we end with a prayer that is a cry for love with the Lord. We recommend you to read these beautiful words and teach them not only to the young people you meet, but also to all your loved ones. This is the prayer:

To you, Lord, I turn with all that I am,

what I live and what I bring to you,

from my confidence to the love I have for you;

Lord, because of your son Jesus we are here today,

in search of your love and happiness,

I know that with all your spirit you love us,

you encourage us, you encourage us and you teach us

to walk the path of good;

Lord, make us all to recognize your way

and follow your every step,


And here is the last image of this article. If this article of Christian prayers has not been enough for you, you can continue reading the article of Christian prayers for young people.

Here we end this new article of Tu Biblia Online, in which we have left you Christian prayers for toddlers to pre-teens. We encourage you to share your favorite prayers with other families and loved ones so that everyone can expand their prayer list and teach them to the little ones.

See you soon!


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