Psalm 30

Discover in this new chapter of Tu Biblia Online, the meaning and everything about Psalm 30 of the Catholic Bible, a song of thanksgiving to the Lord. Read on and don’t miss any details.

Psalm 30 of the KJV Bible

How often do we thank God for all He has done for us? Do we thank you enough? If you have doubts about the answers to any of these questions, this article will clarify your ideas a little. Welcome to this article of Your Bible Online in which we will discuss Psalm 30, a psalm dedicated to thanksgiving and the importance of gratitude.

Psalm 30 - The Blessedness of Answered Prayer (With words - KJV)

The audio is accompanied at the end by a powerful prayer that we are sure you will love. We recommend you to listen to it if you have time, as it will open your mind and heart to have a more fruitful time of reflection and prayer.

Psalm 30 in English and large print

Here you can read the complete Psalm 30 in English and large print so that you can read it without difficulties. The version we have chosen is the New International Version Bible, since the language used will be more understandable to you.

Notice all the precious details hidden in this psalm and, if you can, read it aloud as a way of thanking the Lord. You will see how you will understand the text better and feel closer to God.

1 I will exalt you, O Lord, because you have lifted me up,

because you did not let my enemies mock me.

2 Lord my God, I asked for your help

and you healed me.

3 You, Lord, brought me out of the tomb;

you brought me back from the dead.

4 Sing to the Lord, you his faithful ones;

praise his holy name.

5 For his anger lasts but a moment,

but a lifetime of kindness.

If at night there is crying,

in the morning there will be shouts of joy.

6 When I felt safe, I exclaimed:

“I will never be moved.”

7 You, Lord, in your good will,

you have strengthened me in a lofty bastion;

but you hid your face,

and I was confused.

8 To you, O Sovereign Lord, I cry out;

I turn to you in supplication.

9 What do you gain if I die,

with my going down to the grave?

Will the dust praise you

or will it proclaim your truth?

10 Hear, O Lord; have mercy on me.

Lord, be my help!

11 You turned my lament into a dance;

you took off my mourning clothes

and you dressed me up for a party,

12 to sing to you and glorify you,

and I did not remain silent.

Lord my God, I will always give you thanks!

Meaning and explanation of Psalm 30

As you have been able to read and hear, Psalm 30 is a psalm of thanksgiving, dedicated to thanking God for all that he has done for the author and his people.

As we have already told you in other articles on psalms, most of them were written by King David, prophet and king who appears in numerous pages of the Old Testament. As it applies to Psalm 30, we can see how David was healed thanks to the intercession of our Lord, wanting his people to know what God did for him.

This is an important detail, since it is not enough for him just to thank God for his actions, but also to He also spreads his message among his fellow citizens so that all may know and share in the Lord’s message. This is the work and purpose of the prophets, to make known the will of God through their own words. Thanks to them, Christians today have magnificent texts that teach us and help us understand the Word of God.

The main message of Psalm 30 can be seen from two different points of view:

  1. The first is David’s thanks for being cured of a deadly disease.
  2. The second interpretation is a metaphor in which the People of God are thankful for having been delivered, in the case of the present Psalm 34, from a brutal plague that had ravaged them.

Both interpretations are valid and perfectly applicable today. It is a psalm that can help us reflect on how to thank God both individually and collectively.

Analyzing in detail the meaning of Psalm 30, we see summarized in the first two verses, the main message of the psalm. Especially in verse 2, where David tells how God heard his prayers and helped him. The verse goes like this:

2 “Lord my God, I have asked for your help.

and you healed me.”

Verse 3 reinforces what has been said in the previous verses, emphasizing the enormous power that God has and his infinite love for his children.

In verse 4, we see what we commented before about the gift that the prophets have to transmit and teach their people the word and works of our Lord. Unlike the other verses of the psalm, this one is addressed directly to the readers, challenging and encouraging us to follow the path of salvation.

3 You, Lord, brought me out of the tomb;

you brought me back from the dead.

4 Sing to the Lord, you his faithful ones;

praise his holy name.

In verse 5, David reminds us of God’s enormous goodness and comforts us not to be afraid. The Lord is powerful, but also good; his works are kind to his faithful and we need fear nothing. We also recognize a message of hope, which will give us strength in the most complicated moments. We leave here this beautiful verse for you to reread it easily and if you want you can share it with other people:

5 “For his anger lasts but a moment,

but a lifetime of kindness.

If at night there is crying,

in the morning there will be shouts of joy.”

After this beautiful beginning culminating in verse 5, we find verses 6 and 7, where David comments on the mistake he made by forgetting God when everything was in his favor. This message is also very important for us. We should thank God every day of our lives and not only remember Him when things go wrong. Prayers are important, but prayers of thanksgiving are even more important.

The following three verses reaffirm all that has been said above and add a certain tone of repentance for the error mentioned in the previous verses.

Finally, Psalm 30 ends with two verses that again convey, now with a different metaphor, the two primary messages of the psalm. Verse 11 is again David’s thanksgiving for the salvation God has given him, this time with this metaphor of clothing:

11 “You turned my lament into a dance;

you took off my mourning clothes

and you dressed me up for a party”.

Here we see how, thanks to God, all that was dark and gloomy is now luminous and happiness has returned. The last verse again stresses the message of spreading the word of God to the whole world, so that they may know its teachings.

More information on Psalm 30

Psalm 30 is one of the most beautiful and well-known prayers and texts of thanksgiving. As you have been able to see, the force of his words is transcendental and one can always speak of a before and after after knowing this psalm.

Such is its importance that some of its verses have been used in works of art. For example, the English translation of verse 5 was used in the making of this stained glass window in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Also, the same verse 5 appears in this beautiful song by Jesus Culture called “Your love never fails”. As always in Tu Biblia Online we recommend you good music, we hope you like it and make you reflect as much as we do!


And so much for this Your Bible Online article on Psalm 30 of the Catholic Bible! We are sure that you have had a good time of reflection and thanksgiving to the Lord and that you have taken a special liking to this psalm. If you were left wanting more, here you have Psalm 121 or Psalm 34, you can also find other articles about psalms from our website. See you next time!


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