Psalm 66 Complete with Explanation

Have you ever wondered what Psalm 66 means? This powerful prayer of praise and reflection invites us to meditate on God’s love and mercy. In this article, we will explore the full Psalm 66 with explanation and delve into its meaning for our lives.

Psalm 66 complete King James Version (KJV):

Psalm 66 - A Calm Resolve to Wait for the Salvation of God (With words - KJV)

  1. Shout to God with joy, all the earth.
  2. Sing the glory of his name; give glory to his praise.
  3. Say to God: How awesome are your works! By the greatness of your power your enemies will submit to you.
  4. All the earth shall worship you and sing to you; they shall sing to your name. Selah
  5. Come and see the works of God; he has done wondrous things on earth.
  6. He turned the sea into dry land; In the river they passed their foot; There we rejoiced in him.
  7. He rules with his power forever; His eyes are on the nations; The rebellious shall not be exalted. Selah
  8. Bless our God, O ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard.
  9. He it is who preserves our soul alive, And does not allow our feet to slip.
  10. For thou, O God, hast tried us; thou hast refined us as silver is refined.
  11. Thou hast brought us into the net; Thou hast laid heavy burdens upon our loins.
  12. Thou hast made men ride upon our heads: we have gone through fire and water, and thou hast brought us forth abundantly.
  13. I will come into your house with burnt offerings; I will pay you my vows,
  14. Which my lips uttered And my mouth spoke, when I was in anguish.
  15. I will offer burnt offerings of fatlings, with the incense of rams; I will offer bullocks and he goats for sacrifice. Selah
  16. Come, hear, all ye that fear God, And I will tell what he hath done to my soul.
  17. To him I cried with my mouth, And he was exalted with my tongue.
  18. If I had looked on iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened to me.
  19. But surely God heard me; He heard my voice in my prayer.
  20. Blessed be God, who hath not cast away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.

Explanation and reflection on Psalm 66

Psalm 66: A Prayer of Praise

Psalm 66 begins with an invitation to the whole earth to praise God: “Shout to God, all the earth” (v. 1). Throughout the Psalm, the author marvels at God’s works in creation and in the history of his people. Psalm 66 is an invitation to praise God for his greatness and love.

The meaning of trials and tribulations

In the second part of Psalm 66, the author reflects on the trials and tribulations faced by God’s people. The author affirms that these trials are an opportunity to purify and refine our faith: “But you have caused us to pass through fire and through water, and have brought us to a place of plenty” (v. 12). Through trials, we can grow in our relationship with God and strengthen our faith.

The importance of confession and humility

Psalm 66 also reminds us of the importance of confession and humility. The author says: “If I had looked in my heart to iniquity, the Lord would not have heard me. But surely God has heard me; he has attended to the voice of my prayer” (vv. 18-19). Confession of our sins and humility are essential for our relationship with God.

God’s response to our praise

Finally, Psalm 66 shows us God’s response to our praise. The author says: “Blessed be God, who did not reject my prayer, nor turn away his mercy from me” (v. 20). When we praise God and seek his will, he responds with love and mercy.

Through this Psalm, we can learn the importance of confession, humility and faith in the midst of trials and tribulations. May this prayer inspire us to praise God at all times and to seek His will in our lives. Remember that praise to God is not only in good times, but also in bad times, when we face trials, that is when we must continue to trust in His love and mercy.


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