What is Evangelism according to the Bible?

Evangelism is a word we often hear in religious contexts, but what does it really mean according to the Bible?

In this article, we will explore in depth the concept of evangelism, its significance in the Christian tradition and the crucial role it plays in spreading the message of Jesus.

The Meaning of Evangelism

Evangelism, according to the Bible, refers to the act of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

The word “gospel” comes from the Greek “euangelion”, which means “good news” or “good message”. So, in its essence, evangelism is the transmission of the good news of salvation through Jesus.

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What Does an Evangelist Do?

An evangelist is someone who is actively engaged in the task of sharing the gospel. This involves speaking about the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the spiritual significance of these truths.

An evangelist seeks to bring people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of their sins through faith in Him.

The Importance of Evangelism

Evangelism plays a fundamental role in the Christian faith for several reasons:

  • Fulfilling Jesus’ Command: In the Gospel of Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commissions His followers to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. Evangelism is a direct response to this mandate.
  • Extending the Kingdom of God: Every time someone accepts Jesus as Savior, the kingdom of God expands. Evangelism is a way to bring more people into the kingdom of God.
  • Leading to Salvation: Evangelism offers people the opportunity to hear about and respond to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It is the path to salvation.

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Methods of Evangelism

Evangelism can take many forms, from personal and friendly conversations to international missions and public preaching.

Some evangelists use tools such as tracts, books, music and digital media to share the message of Jesus.

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Evangelism, according to the Bible, is an essential part of Christian mission. It is about bringing the light of Jesus to a world in need of hope and salvation.

Every believer can play a role in evangelism, sharing the truth of the gospel with love and compassion. In doing so, we fulfill Jesus’ call to be His witnesses and to bring the good news to all nations.


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