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Do you like Christian instrumental music? In this new article of Tu Biblia Online, we will discover the best Christian instrumental music for you to listen to whenever you feel like it. Join us in this article full of harmony!

Instrumental music for prayer

Music is one of the most important elements of all religions. We can find music to sing at the Eucharist, music to pray, concert music in a church, among many others.

Today, we propose a journey through the great composers of Christian instrumental music. You may not like all of them, but for sure many of the pieces will transmit an enormous power that will fill you with the energy and love of God.

Will you join us?

Christian instrumental music for prayer

After getting to know some of the musical compositions of some of the most renowned musicians of all times, we continue with a section dedicated to Christian instrumental music for prayer.

You make your way – Generation 12

“Abres camino” is a musical hit of our times so that many Christian bands of musicians have made their versions of the piece.

To accompany your prayer sessions we recommend this version of “Generation 12”, as it is instrumental and will not distract you from the lyrics. It is a quiet version, with a beautiful melody that will make you open your heart to the Word of God.

Close the door, choose a quiet place, press “play” and light a candle to create a relaxing and ideal environment for prayer.

Generación 12 - Abres Camino (Instrumental) I Musica Cristiana / Milagroso (Way Maker)

The only thing I want – Marco Barrientos

We continue the section with this classic by singer-songwriter Marco Barrientos in instrumental version. Like the previous song, this one also has a version with voice, although we do not recommend it if we are looking for music that helps us to concentrate and enjoy a time of prayer.

We recommend you to recite the Bible verses that you like the most, or the most powerful ones. You will feel that listening to these songs, combined with the word of God, will make you feel strong and very close to the Lord.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of Christian instrumental music!

Lo Unico Que Quiero (Instrumental)

Misericordias Nuevas – Heaven Instrumental

If you like piano music, this will become your favorite song in a few minutes. What could be better than combining the angelic sound of the piano with a musical composition dedicated to prayer and God?

You can pray the Lord’s Prayer while this song is playing, or any other calm and quiet prayer you know. The music will help you enter into a state of deep relaxation, which will make you feel very strongly the message of the Lord.

You will see that when you try it, you will always pray with music in the background!

Misericordias Nuevas

Christian instrumental music for relaxation

Apart from being an art or an ideal support for prayer, music can also serve to relax and enjoy moments where the only thing we want to do is close our eyes and rest.

So, we leave you with two great pieces of music for you to get comfortable, isolate yourself from the world and enjoy every musical note.

The first piece is called “How great is God”, it is not only great because of the melody created by the piano and saxophone, but also because of the way it has been recorded. If you wear headphones, you will be able to check that it is recorded in 8D, a fact that will make you live a time full of very pleasant new sensations.

Feeling anxious and a little stressed? Then you should stop for a moment and listen to this two-hour instrumental music repertoire, perfect to find the inner peace you are looking for.

Música cristiana para Aliviar EL ESTRES Y LA ANSIEDAD 🔴 dormir profundamente #musica_relajante

Since the beginning of time, music has been one of the main channels of communication, to the point that for many people it is an indispensable part of everyday life. When we are sad, a song can pick up our feelings perfectly and help us to move forward, and the same happens with happy moments.

For this reason, many Christian composers, aware of the power of music, decided to create compositions based on different texts of the Bible, such as the psalms or other incredible pieces composed of scratch.

Music based on biblical fragments

Messiah – G. F. Handel

Georg Friedrich Händel is one of the most outstanding composers, who has dedicated part of his work to put music to the texts of the Bible.

The most famous work is “The Messiah” which was written in 1741 and is divided into three parts. It relates the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, from the Book of the prophet Isaiah, together with the Advent annunciation, the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, which is finally represented by the victory of eternal life over death.

It is a classic of Christian instrumental music and has been a reference for all composers of oratorios. The complexity and quality of the composition is still being studied by experts, who three hundred years later continue to marvel at the beauty of this work of art.

You have probably heard a fragment of this long piece, the “Hallelujah” that culminates in the second part of the piece. We leave you this excerpt below, along with the complete work in concert, in case you feel like listening to it in its entirety.

Fragment hallelujah:

Royal Choral Society: 'Hallelujah Chorus' from Handel's Messiah


Concierto El Mesías de Händel de la mano del coro KantArte

The seven last words of Christ on the cross – Joseph Haydn

Another great artist of Christian classical music is the Austrian Joseph Haydn. One of his major works was “The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross”. The title speaks for itself of the theme of this composition, and the composer’s aim is to evoke the viewer to the crossroads of feelings at the moment when Christ was crucified.

It is a work created in 1787 to be performed in orchestra, although later the same author made versions for string quartet, piano and even choir.

Haydn has many other religious symphonies, with a style of their own, different from the rest of the musical currents of the Europe of the time. So, if you want to listen to instrumental music by a man whose life was completely dedicated to Christianity, Haydn’s works are a perfect choice.

St. Matthew Passion – Johann Sebastian Bach

For many, this is the greatest Christian musical work ever written, not least because it was composed by the well-known and admired Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bach dedicated his prolific artistic life, in large part, to creating Christian instrumental music that has transcended time and continues to be works of great admiration today. Among his best pieces we find “Passion according to St. Matthew” which, as its name indicates, puts music to the Passion of Christ narrated in the Gospel of St. Matthew. It is the longest work created by the author and in some interpretations it exceeds three hours.

Throughout the play, the soloists embody the skins of the characters in the text as if it were a play. This piece was also written in the 17th century as the two previous ones, being this century one of the most productive for Christian music of all times.

We leave you with an instrumental version of this musical wonder, we hope you enjoy it, and that each note resonates with emotion in your heart.

La Pasión según san Mateo: Erbarme dich de Johann Sebastian Bach #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

The Psalms Project

Radically changing era and looking at more modern music, we find “The Psalms Project”. This group of musicians is dedicated to creating songs from all the psalms of the Bible’s Book of Psalms.

As you probably know, the psalms are relatively short poetic compositions that were written during the Old Testament era to educate and give confidence to the faithful with teachings of behavior and conduct with the Lord.

They have not yet managed to put melody to the 150 psalms, although they are on the right track. For now you can listen to their music for free on YouTube and you can also support the project by purchasing their albums on their website. Projects like this are what make us proud to belong to the Christian community.

We leave you with a version of Psalm 23, that although it has parts where the psalm is voiced; it leaves us with beautiful instrumental fragments, perfect to feel the strength of the Lord, very close.

Psalm 23 (Slideshow) - Yahweh Is My Shepherd by The Psalms Project (feat. Bethany John)

If you have come this far listening to the different melodies we have taught you, you are probably breathing happy and relaxed. When we open our hearts to the Lord and our souls are happy to hear such beautiful music, we become attuned to love, passion and the desire to live in God’s way.

We will close this article by thanking you for reading it and encourage you to listen to music every day of your life. We hope that you have learned about new pieces of music that will help you, and that you have had a good time reading.

See you next time!


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