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In today’s article we are going to tell you about the Jerusalem Bible, what it is, how it differs from other Bibles and much more. Are you going to miss it?

One of the most and translated editions of the Bible is the of the Bible is the so-called Jerusalem Bible, which is just another version of the Bible with different sources and footnotes.

In Tu Biblia Online, we want to show you why you should know this Bible and in which situations it can be useful for you to read it. In addition, you will know its history and you can get it for free for your cell phone or computer!

Let us begin this new article on the Holy Scriptures by analyzing the Jerusalem Bible in detail. Jerusalem Bible in detail and learn many new things about it. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is the Jerusalem Bible?

The Jerusalem Bible is a Catholic Catholic version of the BibleThe Jerusalem Bible is a Catholic version of the Bible, that is, it contains the sacred books proper to the Catholic canon, which is different for the other Christian confessions.

Its original version is in French, written by the French Biblical and Archaeological School in Jerusalema French institution established in the holy city that tries to document and investigate biblical facts, collaborating in archaeology and linguistics, among many other fields.

Something that gives reliability and importance to this biblical version, is that its translations use as sources original texts Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek texts; unlike others, which are based on successive translations that devalue the message.

Thanks to the work of its authors, it is a Bible with a large number of annotations, introductions and footnotes. annotations, introductions and footnotes that help the that help the reader not to miss anything during the reading.

In the following video, you will see an analysis of the Jerusalem Bible well explained and with a physical copy that will give you an idea of what is being talked about.

The Jerusalem Bible

How many books are in the Jerusalem Bible

A very common question about this biblical version is how many books it has. As we have told you, this Bible is Catholic and, therefore, has the number of books dictated by the canon of that denomination.

Thus, the Jerusalem Bible has 73 books divided into 46 for the Old Testament and 27 for the New Testament. Among them are the deuterocanonicals, that is, those that are not accepted in the Protestant canon, such as Tobit or Judith, among others.

The order of the books is the same in all Bible versions, so don’t worry because you will find them in their usual position.

Characteristics of the Jerusalem Bible

The following is a list of the characteristics of the Jerusalem Bible that make it different from the Jerusalem Bible. make it different to other translations of the Bible. With them you will get an idea of its importance and what you can find if you want to read it.

  • Accurate and accurate translation. As we have already told you, the Jerusalem Bible obtains its translations from original sources written in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek, the languages spoken at the time the books were written.
  • Extensive introductions. This Bible has in front of each book a beautiful introduction that introduces you to the most important details of each volume, as well as its intention and value within Christianity.
  • Parallels on the margin. If there is one thing that is greatly appreciated when reading the Bible, it is the fact of finding next to the verses references to other biblical books in which the same ideas are repeated. With these annotations you can understand the texts much better and study the Bible without missing anything.
  • Footnotes. In the Jerusalem Bible each page ends a little before the limit because space is left for numerous footnotes that clarify and deepen ideas that appear throughout the text.
  • Use of the term “Yahweh”.. In pre-2007 Bibles that translate the original texts, the use of “Yahweh” to refer to the Lord is very common. This may or may not please, but as of 2007, all Bibles must use “the Lord” instead of Yahweh.
  • Maps. At the end of some editions, maps of the region of Israel are included, so that you can situate yourself and follow the story with a much more complete geographical context.

Download Jerusalem Bible PC

Now that you know the Jerusalem Bible, we leave you a link to download the free catholic Jerusalem bible for pc, in PDF format for pc, in PDF format compatible with any computer or cell phone you may have.

It is the Holy Catholic Bible Jerusalem Version 1976one of the most current versions of this Bible and that will adapt to your needs.

Please note first of all that this download link does not contain the Jerusalem Bible with all its annotations and footnotes, but only the biblical text of the translation. If you want the full versionIf you do not have one, you will have to buy a physical edition online or in a trusted store.

To find the Jerusalem Bible for PC, click here.

All in all, the Jerusalem Bible is perfect for the study of the Word of God, whether as a biblical hermeneutic or Lectio Divina. biblical hermeneutics or Lectio Divinaor, in other words, the technical study of the Word of God and meditation on it.

Jerusalem Bible online and large print

If you would like to find a website where you can read the Jerusalem Bible in large print, we strongly recommend that you visit the following website

the page Biblia Todo

where you will find this wonderful book in its entirety.

This concludes this introductory article on the Jerusalem Bible, with all its characteristics and context, which will help you to better understand what it is and what you can use it for.

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